Lost in Random – A new world-spanning adventure

Imagine walking into a D&D world that’s been meticulously created and DM’d in the style of Shel Silverstein or Tim Burton. Instead of elves, dwarves and other creatures, there’s a huge card shop that is also a man, a degenerate duke, and an upside-down, scary-looking guy who dreams of being in a position to be able to rhyme, just to name a few. This is Lost in Random’s wildly original and innovative action-adventure title. While its combat may wear thin, exploring its worlds will never stop.

You play as Even, the twin sister Odd and Even. They are fated at 12 to be chosen by the Queen to use her six-sided magical dice. The result determines which one of the six kingdoms of Random they will spend the rest their lives in. Short story: Odd is sent to Queen’s world, but Even refuses to let her go. Also check out Yohoho.io

The epic adventure that follows after you escape from the Onecroft starting area is full of references to films like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride. Even though Random’s entire world is covered in gray and black shades, each world offers unique and intricately layered settings.

Two-Town’s inhabitants have two completely different personalities. They can shift when the Queen rolls her dice. A separate Two-Town has been built called the Upside Downtown. This completely obscures the town’s skyline, much like the Inception scene. Two-Town feels even more vast. You can explore the background of the zone through side quests or speak to the many NPCs in the town before moving on. Read More