EvoWorld : A New Survival Game

Are you a fan of games that require you to survive? If you answered yes then I’d like to introduce for you EvoWorld. It is a well-known online game in which you need to consume weak flying objects and stay clear of strong ones. How do you determine which is too weak for you, and which is too powerful for you? It’s simple to tell the difference, weak ones are green and the strongest ones are red, it’s not difficult, isn’t it? There are many units in the game. Some will try to get away from you while others attempt to strike you. Be prepared to run or fly when needed and attack when essential and you will win during the course of the match.

EvoWorld Io is a survival game, and your primary goal is to be alive and complete the tasks required for survival. How do you stay alive? You eat animals with a green border and eating weaker creatures allows you build up your own strength, so you’ll be more powerful and can take on more powerful adversaries. The game also has a progression feature aside from the survival objective that is, to be able to survive, you must remain in a state of constantly progressing, quite easy, right?

There are powerful creatures all over the map If you find one, you should run as far as you can away from it. For creatures that are strong, they have a red border Be aware of that.

In the majority of cases, during busy hours there are a lot of players playing the game. it is dependent on the server you’ve chosen and what I’m trying to convey is that competition in this game is extremely high There are hundreds of players all over the world and looking for creatures of low level in the exactly the same way you do. Make sure to study the map with care and search for weak creatures whenever you can find one attack as otherwise character development can take a long time.

When you consume weak creatures, you gradually increase in size and transform into something new You begin as a fly. After that, you’ll become an insect, then a butterfly, and finally a wasp, etc. The more you eat, the quicker you’ll progress. At each stage of progress you will encounter a variety of natural enemies. In some instances, your enemies could be wasps, and in other instances birds. As I mentioned before pay attention to your creatures’ outline. when they have a red outline , avoid them , and avoid them if they have an outline of green, avoid them.

Beware of places that are packed and also know that there are plenty of things to do in these places However, there are also enemies too. Hunting in crowds is hazardous and can result in you killed.

There are some very crucial graphs in the game you need to be attentive to. check out the upper middle of the game’s window, there are three graphs that are important that show your current state of evolution, the level of oxygen and the level of water. Be sure to have enough oxygen if you’re underwater, and make sure you’re hydrated. If you don’t pay attention to these guidelines, your character could be killed!